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Win Your Own Bowl Game by Not Trashing Your Toilet Bowl

10 Items to Never Toss in a Toilet - Bin It to Win It

Post Date:02/01/2019 3:00 PM



Toilet-Football-IPP-Image Don't Trash the Toilet FOG


10 Items to Never Toss in the Toilet

Remembering to NOT put these items in the toilet will help keep the sewage flowing down in the right direction and save you potential costly repairs.

1. Cotton Balls/Q-Tips

You may think that cotton is flushable since a lot of toilet paper is made from cotton linen (Cottonelle/Cottonsoft), but it isn’t! Cotton balls, Q-tips, and cotton rounds will clump together in your pipes and cause a clog.

2. Paper Towels

Paper towels are tough and not made to dissolve in water. Even the biodegradable kinds are not meant to be flushed, throw all paper towels in the trash, not the toilet.

3. Dental Floss / Hair

Dental floss is not meant to dissolve in water, so it will end up getting stuck and tangled in pipes and sewage systems. Another stringy material, hair, has the same propensity to cause clogs.

4. Facial Tissue

Like paper towels, tissues are made to be much stronger than toilet paper. Toilet paper is a specially designed product made of shortened fibers to speed up the process of disintegration. Try washing your hands with toilet paper compared with tissues or paper towels and you’ll recognize the difference.

5. Flushable Wipes (Not Actually Flushable)

Flushable wipes cause the biggest trouble for toilets and septic systems since so many people use them and think that they are “flushable.” As a result, there have been public awareness campaigns, lawsuits, and countless stories of the problems they cause for sewage treatment centers. Brands are now being forced to remove the “flushable” and “disposable” labels and warn consumers not to flush them. We understand their appeal, but just like tissues and paper towels, remember to throw these in the trash.

6. Bandages

Many bandages contain plastic and/or cotton which is not biodegradable. Throw these in the trash, where they belong.

7. Diapers

Diapers are thick and can expand and cause a major pipe clog, usually in the U-bend. Even the biodegradable kinds will tell you not to flush them. Throw the diapers and wet wipes in the trash.

8. Pills / Prescriptions

Any drugs, including pills, should never be flushed down the toilet. This isn’t so much a clog concern, but rather an environmental one. Sewage systems have complicated biological processes to break down waste and medications can interfere with that. Most medications cannot be removed from the water, so they end up in our lakes, oceans, rivers, and ponds.

9. Cat Litter

Although some litter brands may market themselves as flushable, others can expand to 15 times their normal size and clog your pipes. Additionally, cat feces contains a parasite call toxoplasma gondii, which cannot be broken down by sewage systems and can enter the oceans and cause harm to wildlife. This goes for all pet excrement.

Although there is no perfect way of getting rid of litter, we recommend scooping it into biodegradable baggies and throwing them in the trash.

10. Feminine Products

Most public restrooms have signs and little disposal bins to encourage women to throw away, not flush, their feminine products. Like the other cotton items on our list, tampons will expand and cause clogs.

And here are a few more to add to the list of trash not flush items:

  • Paint/Sealants/Thinners
  • Oils/Grease/Food/Coffee Grounds
  • Condoms
  • Poisons/Hazardous Waste
  • Cigarette Butts
  • Anything Plastic

Visit our Don't Trash Your Drain web page to learn more, there is also a downloadable PDF you can print for list to remind you, your family, and guests of how to properly dispose of items that should never go into the sewer system.

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