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Folsom Lake Intake Project Breaks Ground

Post Date:06/18/2020 10:30 AM

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Contact: Jesse Saich, (530) 642-4127,

Placerville, Calif. —  Situated at the end of a small street on the south fork of Folsom Lake sits an aging EID intake facility that tens of thousands of nearby residents rely on for their water supply. Given its age and deteriorated condition, past pump failures, ongoing safety issues, and the difficulty in obtaining repair parts for 1958-vintage booster pumps, EID has made replacement of the intake facility a high priority.

Earlier this year at its meeting on February 24, the EID Board of Directors unanimously approved a $42 million project to replace critical components of the Folsom Lake water intake and restore needed reliability and capacity that has been lost to mechanical failure over the years.

“The intake facility is our sole means of accessing the raw water supply our customers depend on from Folsom Lake,” said EID General Manager Jim Abercrombie. “In fact, the water we access there makes up approximately one third of EID’s entire water supply. The entire El Dorado Hills community depends on this infrastructure for its water needs.”

Work on the project commenced on June 15 and will continue through 2021.

Upon project completion, the pump station will be restored to the 19.5 million gallons per day permitted capacity of the nearby El Dorado Hills Water Treatment Plant and will have allocation for a cost-effective buildout expansion when required.

The project will be funded using low-interest, long-term bond financing. Public agencies like EID use bond financing to repair and replace infrastructure that will have a service life of 50 years or more.

“Bond financing—acquiring low-interest debt—helps EID manage the cost and spread it equitably across the generations of customers who will benefit from the needed repairs and improvements,” said Abercrombie. “The modest rate adjustments approved by EID’s board of directors for 2021 through 2025 will help fund the bond payments for this vital infrastructure rehabilitation project.”

Project construction will include four new 600 horsepower submersible pumps housed in new corrosion-resistant stainless steel casings with temperature control withdrawal capability. The project will also include electrical upgrades and associated piping and appurtenances, including a new bridge crane for pump removal and maintenance.

During the first weeks of construction, the contractor will be mobilizing and clearing the site for excavation and placing temporary pumps. This initial pump work is scheduled for completion by early July. Heavy construction is planned through early spring 2021 with pump commissioning and start up planned in the latter half of 2021.

Additional information and prior updates about the project can be accessed at If you have questions, email EID’s project team members at or call (530) 622-4513 and ask for a representative of the Folsom Lake Intake Improvements Project.


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