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Brian Mueller

The engineering department is responsible for the planning, design and construction of public works projects to maintain and improve the reliability of District water, wastewater, recycled water and hydroelectric facilities. Engineering staff manages a variety of projects, and are primarily responsible for implementation of the District’s capital improvement program (CIP), including establishing and prioritizing the CIP and ensuring that the components of the program are managed in a fiscally responsible manner that meets or exceeds all applicable state and federal standards.

Environmental staff assists in District operations and engineering project compliance with both the California Environmental Quality Act and its federal counterpart, the National Environmental Policy Act, facilitating the acquisition of approvals and compliance with environmental permits. They also assist operations staff in meeting regulatory requirements for standards related to drinking water quality, recycled water program compliance, industrial pretreatment, and Project 184’s hydroelectric licensing requirements.

Development Services staff work with developers, builders, residential customers, and property owners who wish to obtain or expand their District services.

The Department also is responsible for management of the dam safety program, construction inspection, development and maintenance of the geographic information system (GIS), right-of-way services, and water rights/water marketing support.

Engineering Director Brian Mueller has worked at EID for over 22 years. He was originally hired as an assistant engineer and has held various engineering positions in the water, wastewater, and hydroelectric divisions. A registered civil engineer, he has extensive experience in the planning, design, and construction of public works projects. Brian has led the district through some major milestones, including a $40 million program to replace uncovered drinking water storage reservoirs, and the $22 million emergency replacement of the Pleasant Oak Main waterline.

Brian’s family moved to Placerville in 1977 and he has almost continuously resided in El Dorado County since that time. Brian graduated from El Dorado High School in 1987 and subsequently received his bachelor's degree in civil engineering from California State University, Sacramento. Today Brian and his wife, Kerri, live in Cameron Park with their three children.


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