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Enterprise System Catalog

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Senate Bill 272

SB 272 was enacted in 2015 and added Section 6270.5 to the Government Code. The bill requires local agencies, such as EID, to catalog and display online the Enterprise Systems used by such agencies in the conduct of their services.

Enterprise System 

Enterprise Systems are software applications or computer systems that collect, store, exchange and analyze information that the agency uses that is both of the following:

  • A multi-departmental system or a system that contains information collected about the public.
  • A system that serves as an original source of data within an agency.
An Enterprise System does not include any of the following:
  • Information Technology security systems, including firewalls and other cybersecurity systems.
  • Physical access control systems, employee identification management systems, video monitoring and other physical control systems.
  • Infrastructure and mechanical control systems, including those that control or manage street lights, electrical, natural gas or water or sewer functions.
  • Systems related to 911 dispatch and operation or emergency services.
  • Systems that would be restricted from disclosure by Section 6254.19 of the Government Code.
  • The specific records that the information technology system collects, stores, exchanges or analyzes.

Enterprise System Catalog (PDF)