Upper Main Ditch Piping Project

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Board Actions

The Upper Main Ditch is a section of the El Dorado Ditch built by mining interests to convey water to the Placerville area in the late 1800s. The ditch and water rights were sold to the Western States Gas and Electric Company in the early 1900s, primarily for hydroelectric power generation. A smaller portion of the ditch water was maintained for delivery to some agricultural users. Over time, EID took over the rights and responsibilities for delivery of non-power generating water to irrigation and domestic water users.  In 1997, EID took responsibility for all water rights and the facilities along the original El Dorado Canal, known as FERC Project No. 184, which provides raw water to the Upper Main Ditch.
Project Summary

The purpose of this Project is to replace a 3-mile section of water supply ditch with a buried pipeline conveying raw water to the Reservoir 1 Water Treatment Plant reducing water leakage and losses, while improving the quality of water entering the plant.

Three potential alignments have been identified while compiling the Notice of Preparation, which are currently being analyzed by EID to determine construction feasibility and operation and maintenance costs prior to selecting a preferred alignment.

Project Objectives
  • Reduce water loss resulting from seepage and evapotranspiration thereby contributing to EID’s overall water conservation efforts and supply reliability
  • Protect drinking water quality by eliminating the potential for intentional or unintentional contamination of the open ditch
  • Reduce operations and maintenance costs that would result from increased treatment and pumping costs
Public Input Opportunities

The California Environmental Quality Act (CEQA) review process allows multiple opportunities for the public to comment and ask questions about the Project.

Project Map