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Wastewater Collections System Administrative and Operations Relocation Project

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El Dorado Hills (EDH) Wastewater (WW) Relocation Project


Project Background

Bass Lake Wastewater Collections Administrative and Operations Facility

The District’s wastewater collection and maintenance facility located at Bass Lake has been in operation for several Wastewater Collections Working Using VacTruckdecades. If the facility was to remain serving the District in this capacity, significant capital reinvestment would be required to provide safe and reliable facilities for these District operations and meet the growing wastewater maintenance operations of the area. In light of the constraints and costs associated with continuing operations at the Bass Lake site, the District is proposing to sell the property to help support a community park and relocate the wastewater collections and maintenance operations to an existing wastewater treatment operations facility owned and operated by EID since 1962.

Proposed Sale of Bass Lake Property to El Dorado Hills Community Services District

In June of 2017, the EID Board of Directors authorized a purchase and sale agreement with the CSD for the sale of the District’s Bass Lake parcel that currently supports the District’s wastewater collections operations and maintenance.

The CSD is seeking to acquire the Bass Lake property as part of the CSD’s Bass Lake Park project.  The Bass Lake Park project is a proposed park that would be the largest park and recreational project in the El Dorado Hills area. See

The sale of the Bass Lake property will allow the District to utilize the sale proceeds to develop improvements at the EDHWWTP to support the District’s wastewater collections and maintenance operations together with the existing wastewater treatment operations and maintenance activities already existing at the EDHWWTP for over 50 years.

Proposed Relocation and Site Improvements Adjacent to the Administrative Buildings at the  EDHWWTP

Wastewater Collections Workfng VacTruck

The District is proposing to relocate the Bass Lake wastewater collections operations to a parcel that is adjacent to the administrative buildings at the EDHWWTP. The purpose of the proposed relocation project is to consolidate the wastewater collections and treatment operations in the El Dorado Hills area, while concurrently addressing facility improvement costs and the increasingly constrained operations of the current Bass Lake property. 

The District proposes to make improved parking and access to the facility as well as renovate an existing building and construct additional equipment and storage buildings.

Environmental Review and Permitting

On December 12, 2019 the El Dorado County Planning Commission, who serves as lead agency under CEQA, approved a Conditional Use Permit and also adopted a MND, which was available for public review and comment from November 11, to December 12, 2019. The approval allows for the relocation of the wastewater collection operations and site improvements at the EDHWWTP as described above.

The District is the responsible agency, pursuant to CEQA Section 15096 et set, Title 14, California Code of Regulations for the proposed project.  As the responsible agency the EID Board of Directors will consider adopting the MND for the project at the January 13, 2020 regular Board meeting.  A courtesy notice for EID's Board of Directors upcoming proposed action will be mail to residences who may have a direct line of sight to the project area.

Emails with updates on the project are being sent to those subscribed to the "WW Consolidation Project".

The project’s potential environmental impacts will be evaluated, consistent with the California Environmental Quality Act and are posted below under "Environmental Documents". 

Additional Improvements at the EDH Latrobe Road Facility

In addition to the relocation project, the District is also completing odor control upgrades at the facility in 2019. For more information about the Odor Control Project, please contact Liz Carrington at or call 530.642.4077.  Visit the El Dorado Hills Odor Control Upgrade Project webpage for more details.

The District is also pursuing the expansion of the existing solar photovoltaic array located at the facility. Please see the Solar - Deer Creek and El Dorado Hills project webpage for more information specific to the solar array projects.

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