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Govenor Orders Permanent Restrictions - April 2017

Permanent Restrictions

The Governor's order makes permanent some water waste restrictions that were initiated in 2015, including:

  • Irrigating lawns in a way that causes runoff
  • using non-recirculated water in a fountain or other decorative water feature
  • watering within 48 hours of precipitation
  • hosing off sidewalks and driveways
  • washing automobiles with hoses that do not have a shut-off nozzle,
  • using potable water to irrigate turf in street medians.

EID's Water Waste Prohibition (Administrative Regulation 1041) remains in effect all year and under all conditions and contains these restrictions. The regulation gives the district the ability to enforce prohibitions against water waste.



EID remains committed to protecting our water supply and water rights, our customers have shown that they are conservative with their water use and we are monitoring potential legislation that would impose any additional prescribed water limits.  Please visit for additional information from the Governor's Office.

2017.04.11 EID Press Release: Governor Lifts Drought Emergency, Restrictions Remain

2017.04.07  Press Release California State Governor's Office

2016.05.10 EID's Water Supply and the Governor's New Mandate

EID's robust water supply portfolio ensured that the district was able to deliver water to our customers, even during the depths of this historic drought.

In May, the State Water Board adjusted its regulation that previously required the district to enact mandatory watering restrictions on its customers.

 "The new regulation returns control to the local purveyors to manage their water supplies," said EID Public Information Officer Jesse Saich.

The most significant change in the regulations is that the mandatory water conservation standards for each water agency are based upon a verifiable self-certification of local or regional water supply conditions--a ‘stress test’ that requires EID to prove it has sufficient water supplies to withstand three years of continuous drought.

"Based upon our water supply projections and the parameters required in the State Water Board's regulation, staff estimates EID will have a surplus of water over three years of drought,' said Saich. The new "stress-test" conservation standards will be in effect through January 2017.

"Even though EID has removed mandatory watering restrictions, our commitment--and I think our customers' as well--to conservation and ongoing water use efficiency has not changed," said Saich.

Permanent restrictions on water waste are in place and in effect all year long and under all conditions.

This information was presented in the July/August 2016 Waterfront newsletter, to find archived copies of EID's bi-monthly newsletter please visit our Document Library.