Protecting Public Health and Safety


Service Notifications

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The District is committed to providing excellent and reliable services to our customers. We have hundreds of miles infrastructure, located above and below ground, that need to be maintained and at times replaced. During times of maintenance or construction we may need to notify you of possible service interruptions.

Service Notifications will be posted, as necessary, to this location for most emergency and preplanned events. Affected customers are also notified by telephone, email, and/or door tags. If you do not see any listings then there are currently no known services being interrupted. 

You may contact Customer Service at (530)642-4000 if you have any questions or to report  a water outage.

Protect Your Equipment

If there's an interruption to your water service due to scheduled maintenance or a broken water line, you may need to take some actions to prevent damage at your home or business if there is equipment that depends on the presence of water.

  • Turn off hot water recirculating pumps (if one is present)
  • Turn off pressure-boosting systems (if so equipped)
  • Turn off auto-fill devices for such items as pools, fountains, and ice makers
  • Turn off sink-mounted "instant hot water" dispensers
  • Turn off irrigation systems, especially those with pressure-boosting pumps
  • In a prolonged service interruption, turn off water heaters, especially electric heating models

Systems that rely on pumps, such as hot water recirculators, can be fitted with a convenient wall switch. Or ask a plumber to install a pressure-sensitive switch that will automatically deactivate the pump when pressure falls below the level necessary to properly operate the system. A small investment now can help avoid big expenses later.