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Small Farm and Agricultural Metered Irrigation

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To qualify for Small Farm or Agricultural Metered Irrigation (AMI) service rates, users must meet all of the requirements under the appropriate category listed below in accordance with Administrative Regulation (AR) 9024 . Users whose intent is to farm but do not meet eligibility requirements for the Small Farm Irrigation or AMI rate, or who have not begun development, will be placed on the appropriate rate until they meet eligibility requirements.

The right to the Small Farm or AMI rate is not perpetual and does not run with the land. In the event the property changes hands, the District may require the new owner to apply to renew the rate, or may reclassify the account to the appropriate rate (for example, Single Family Residential) until such time as the new owner can meet the eligibility requirements.

The District will not process any new or recertification applications for the Small Farm Rate that may require new plantings whenever Board-declared drought conditions are in effect.

 Small Farm Rate Requirements

  • Minimum parcel size is one (1.0) acre per County Assessor’s Office records.
  • Minimum 0.5 acre planted in agricultural crops (per El Dorado County’s Annual Crop Report) and/or qualifying livestock as a marketable product in accordance with county zoning.
  • Maintenance of the crop and/or qualifying livestock to produce a marketable product.
  • Submission of a valid Certificate of Compliance from the El Dorado County Department of Agriculture.
  • The Small Farm rate will remain in effect for the customer and time period stated on the Certificate of Compliance.

To apply for a Certificate of Compliance please complete El Dorado County Department of Agriculture's application to be processed through the Department of Agriculture.

Agricultural Metered Irrigation (AMI) Requirements

  • Minimum 10.0 acres of irrigated pasture or a minimum of 5.0 acres planted orchards, groves, vineyards or other horticultural pursuits reflected in the El Dorado County’s Annual Crop Report, with acreage determined by the El Dorado Department of Agriculture’s guidelines for measuring crops.
  • The AMI rate will remain in effect until there is a change in ownership or the property no longer qualifies for the rate. Surveys will be performed upon change of ownership and at the District’s discretion to ensure the property meets the eligibility requirements.

To apply for the AMI rate please complete the application and submit to EID. After submission EID staff will perform a field inspection to verify eligibility requirements.

If you  have not purchased water service yet, go to the Development Services webpage where additional information is located.