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Online rate calculators are available for customers to estimate their bill in 2021 with proposed adjustments. EID invites customers to public workshops.

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  • El Dorado Irrigation District

    March 24 at 2:47PM

    **UPDATE 3/24/2020 12:30 PM** Due to efforts of Operations staff, EID has completed the repairs on the water system and were able to do so with minimal to no interruptions in service to our customers. It is okay to resume normal use of your water. If you experience a slight discoloration in the water or the presence of air in the system, allow one outside tap to run until the water is clear or the air has escaped. Your patience and understanding are greatly appreciated. ________________________________ ORIGINAL MESSAGE: 3/23/20 Drinking Water Service Announcement - Low Water Pressure or Possible Water Outage in the Placerville and Diamond Springs area 🚰Please read full message and see map for affected customers: +++ All Service Announcements: +++ To sign up to receive email notifications from EID:

  • US National Weather Service Sacramento California

    March 23 at 6:24PM


  • Do Your Part to Keep Sewage Where it Belongs

    March 20 at 8:45PM

    Please don't flush anything but bodily fluids and toilet paper down the toilet. Anything else causes damage and costly sewer backups and spills. #WipesClogPipes

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