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At EID, wastewater management entails making sure that our collection and treatment functions fulfill all regulatory requirements for discharges and to produce recycled water that is used to irrigate front and back yards and commercial and public landscapes wherever feasible.

EID has continued its efforts to ensure compliance with federal and state regulatory requirements. Over the past decade, we have undertaken major upgrades to three of the district’s five wastewater plants to ensure consistent compliance.

We are also working to upgrade and improve our wastewater conveyance system in areas where aging infrastructure is at issue. Currently, the District is redesigning three separate lift station facilities and continuing several improvements to the Mother Lode Forcemain.

Over the past decade, the District has won numerous California Water Environment Asoociation (CWEA) awards in Safety, Collection Systems, and Wastewater Treatment Plant of the year from that association's Sacramento area section. EID continues to strive for excellence.

Although EID does not use reverse osmosis in its treatment process, the following informative video on wastewater treatment provides a great insight into the challenges of treating wastewater.

ChemMatters - Episode 5: How Wastewater Goes From Polluted to Pure from ACS Pressroom on Vimeo.

Video produced by the American Chemical Society