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Homeowner Tips

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Experiencing sewer backups? If you experience a sewer backup and Icon of a sewer coverhave EID sewer services, call EID at (530) 622-4513 before a plumber. Visit our Sewer Concerns and Customer Responsibility webpage to learn more and see a diagram of where the what lines are the property owner's responsibility.
Draining your swimming pool, spa or fountain?  Learn ways to do so Image of swimming poolresponsibly and  ways to minimize the need to drain.
Dispose of unused medications properly. Treatment plants are not dImage of RX letter with pillsesigned to remove medications from wastewater. The chemicals used to make medications can reach our environment if they are disposed of in sinks or toilets. Learn more about where to properly dispose of unused or outdated medications.

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Keep your sewer system running smoothing by not sending fats, oils, and grease down the drain. Learn more by going to our F.O.G. webpage.

 Don't Image of a trash canuse your drain as a dump! Household products can do serious damage to the sewer system.