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Sly Park Boating

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Jenkinson Lake

Jenkinson Lake allows water skiing, wake boarding, canoeing, kayaking, fishing, cruising, and sailing. You may launch your boat at one of the two concrete ramps (see Park Map for ramp locations). Boating regulations are strictly enforced and are in compliance with California boating laws.  There is a 5 mph speed limit within 200 feet of swimming areas, docks, ramps and the shoreline, and 100 feet from downed skiers, other boats, and in the lake Narrows.

The maximum speed limit is 35 mph and the travel pattern is counter clockwise.All boats are subject to noise level tests and inspection for quagga mussels.  Be sure you have done a self-check before launching to help ensure the lake remains free of Invasive Mussels. Boating capacity is monitored daily.  The lake is subject to closure when maximum capacity is reached. 

If you would like to rent a non-motorized boat or paddle board, you may do so online with with our new rental vendor Current Adventures


Personal watercraft such as jet skis and Sea-Doos are not allowed.

No domestic animals or diapers are allowed in the water, per our state drinking water agreement.

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