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Sly Park Trails

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Hiking, Biking & Equestrian

Hiking and mountain biking trails circle Jenkinson Lake, covering 8.5 miles of mostly shoreline. The majority of the trail system is in the easy to more difficult range with a short section on the south shore of the lake that is slightly more difficult. Novice riders should be prepared to walk their bikes in this area. Refer to the trail map below to determine which section is appropriate to your skill level. Some sections of trail on the north shore of the lake proceed along the roadway, watch for motorists. Sections of trail in the Main Day Use area and the Hazel Meadow Day Use area will accommodate wheelchair access.  

Sly Park Trail with cyclist

Equestrian trails cover about 9.5 miles around the lake above the hiking trail. A few portions of the trail are multi-use—use caution in these areas.

The trails are accessible year round, although during winter, snow may cover a portion of them. Call ahead for complete information.

Dogs are allowed on the trails, but they must be on a leash at all times and are not allowed in the lake or its tributaries.

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Some sections of the trail system are multi-use, please be considerate of these other users. Traffic flows in both directions on roads and trails. Watch for other users! Always keep to the right, be cautious and travel at a prudent speed. Portions of this trail system border private property and campsites. Please respect the rights of private property owners and campers by staying on designated routes at all times



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