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Sewer Concerns and Customer Responsibility

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Sewer Concerns? Call the District first.

If you experience a sewer backup and have EID sewer services call us before a plumber. EID will come out and check your sewer lines to see if the problem is on your side of the clean out or on our side. If it is on ours, calling us first could save you from making unnecessary repairs or from paying a plumber to check it out.

Call (530) 622-4513 or (916) 965-0930 to speak with customer services. They can either schedule a technician to come out and do an inspection or have someone call you back to answer more questions in detail.

The diagram below shows a typical front yard sewer configuration gives you an idea of where to find your clean out for maintenance.

Diagram of typical front yard sewer configuration and noted owner responsibilities and District responsibilities Click on the image to view a printable pdf.